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SP1 GPU memory issue - possibly

Question asked by Barry Shapiro on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Brian Hillner

I installed SP1 and wanted to do a quick test since Hybrid is supposed to be a choice now with Fast render.

So after doing 3 test renders ( the Camaro file at 3000 x 1687 ), I found these results which led me to take a look at my system.

-----> after calculation times are as follows:

Hybrid 1min 40 seconds

GPU 1 min 38 seconds

CPU 9 minutes 37 seconds. NOTE that I'm using Dual 8 core 3.1 GHz Xeons ( no slouch)


Task manager showed only a 1% difference when rendering in Hybrid mode. Went from 3 to 4% CPU usage. My take away from this test is only use GPU and even if you have a high end CPU don't bother.

So I looked at "system info" in Visualize under the Help menu. Got this.........

Important note here is that I have an nVidia M4000 - 8 GB of of graphics memory.


Question is, is this an erroneous reading in the system info or is Visualize not getting access to all of the cards memory? Is anyone else seeing this?

Also, I think I'm finding this update slightly more responsive but still having issues as my files are often very large and the whole system locks up at times while Visualize is thinking (for a lack of a better term).

Typical Polygon counts over 15,000,000.