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    Swept Surface Parallel to Plane

    Mustafa Baskan

      Hi All,


      I would like to sweep a surface which needs to be parallel to the top plane. I have tried to change the profile orientation to Keep Normal Constant but that didn't quite work the way I wanted it.


      See attached screenshots for more info.




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          John Stoltzfus

          Is this pc flat?  If it is then offset the centerline in both directions then make the centerline a construction line and make sure the end vertexes are connected to the end lines then do a surface fill and thicken. 

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              Mustafa Baskan

              This is a 3D sketch. It is the centreline for a hose, that is placed on top of a gauge block to verify its length and shape. The bottom half of the hose surface needs to be cut with a 3-axis CNC.


              The steps I was planning to take are as follows:


              1. Extract the centreline of the hose.

              2. Create ruled surface that runs parallel to bottom/top plane.

              3. Extrude block.

              4. Split the block with the ruled surface.

              5. Sweep cut the cross section of the hose.


              See attached image for end result using NX. The command that I find missing in SolidWorks seems to be Extract - Silhouette Curve.