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Spiral cut tube

Discussion created by Damien Long on Aug 1, 2016
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I'm relatively new to SolidWorks, and was hoping someone could help me with a part I'm trying to model.  It's a long tube with a repeating pattern of cut and uncut sections along a helical/spiral path per JPEG attached.  For example the cut-section might be 45% of a rotation, then an uncut section of 10% of a rotation, and the pattern repeating and repeating. 


I've spent a lot of time at this with no luck and am tearing my hair out.  The closest I got was to wrap a sketch to get the first cut, then using "curved pattern" to get this first cut to repeat along a spiral path.  This worked up to about 100 instances, but any more than that and SW just hung on me, wouldn't solve (see sldprt attached).  Wondering if anyone has any ideas how to do this efficiently, as SW seems to really struggle with the approach I've tried.  Thanks.