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Having an Issue with opening the program?

Question asked by Dominic Moretti on Jul 31, 2016

I recently downloaded SolidWorks 2015 x64 for school, and I cannot for the life of me open the program. The download goes fine as expected, but when I attempt to open SolidWorks itself, nothing happens. Task Manager does not say that I am running it, I get the hourglass for ~0.25 sec, then nothing. However, when I try to open it through SolidWorks Rx, it says that there is another instance of SolidWorks running, though I can clearly check that it is not. The only strange thing I have noticed is that my icons have small blue arrows in the top right hand corner. However, every program installed with SolidWorks works (eDrawings, Composer, Rx), but nothing for the actual SolidWorks.

Attached are pictures of the icons for reference. Any help is greatly appreciated!