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    How to break an isoview in a drawing ?

    Checkcheck Master
      In a drawing I like to break an isoview because of the length of the part.
      For example a sternshaft Ø25mm x 2000mm.

      How to do that ?
        • How to break an isoview in a drawing ?
          Troy Peterson
          You can do it but it will look wrong.

          Here is the help text;

          Broken View

          You can use a broken (or interrupted) view in a drawing. Broken views make it possible to display the drawing view in a larger scale on a smaller size drawing sheet. Reference dimensions and model dimensions associated with the broken area reflect the actual model values.

          Options for broken views include:

          You can specify the gap between the break lines and the extension of the lines beyond the part geometry in Tools, Options, Document Properties, Detailing.

          You can lock break lines in place. After breaking the view, dimension the break lines to a known portion of the geometry. These dimension are only for use in the drawing document and do not appear on a printed drawing.

          You can specify the line font for the break lines in Tools, Options, Document Properties, Line Font.

          You can display dimension lines with a zig-zag by selecting Show dimensions as broken in broken views in Tools, Options, Document Properties, Dimensions.

          You can apply the Break View and Un-Break View commands to multiple views.

          To create a broken view:

          Select a drawing view and click Break (Drawing toolbar) or click Insert, Drawing View, Break.

          Set options in the PropertyManager:

          Add vertical break line

          Add horizontal break line

          Gap size. Sets the amount of space between the gap.

          Break line style . Defines the type of break line.

          In views with multiple breaks, the Break line style must be the same.

          A break line attaches to the pointer.

          Click in the view twice to place two break lines, creating the break.

          The view is displayed with a gap in the geometry. In addition to model geometry, broken views also support cosmetic threads and axes.

          Click .

          To restore a broken view to its unbroken state:

          Right-click the broken view, and select Un-Break View.

          To modify a broken view:

          To change the shape of the break lines, right-click a break line and select a style from the shortcut menu.

          To change the position of the break, drag the break lines.

          To change the width of the break gap, select a break line and type a value in the PropertyManager.

          You can select an Area Hatch in a broken view only in its unbroken state. You cannot select an area hatch that crosses a break.
          • How to break an isoview in a drawing ?
            Checkcheck Master
            Thanks for the reactions !

            I know about the break command as described but now i want to break an isoview so that the two 'halves' are in line with eachother.
            In normal views it's a good command as well I'm missing the typical curved shaft/ pipe break.
            When i break an isoview horizontal an vertical they are not in line annymore.
            Scaling is possible but a sternshaft Ø25mm x 2000mm at scale 1:20 looks like a knitting-needle.
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                Peter De Vlieger

                Still no solution for it.


                It's weird though, you can make a break in a view and then project that view and it will adhere to the break lines you put in the original view unless it's a isometric projection in which case you're on your own and the result will never ever look as it should.


                Ah one day perhaps, when somebody that actual has a piping background will have enough clout at SW to get improvements that actual matter to the majority of the piping drafting users.

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                Bill Stadler

                It has baffled me for years to why SolidWorks can not accomplish what you are trying to do.


                This is a rather hoaky workaround but what about creating config in the model with a shorter version?  For a shaft this seems to be easy but for a more complicated part or assembly you would probably need to create config with a cut in the model or assembly.

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  How about creating an configuration with shorter shaft length and use that for the ISO view (you may add a note that says Not to Scale)


                  Not sure if this one works: Create a front view (might be different as per the shaft placement), apply break view (set the line as per need). now change the view orientation to ISO.