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    Has drafting improved in 2009

      When did drafting get so worthless in SW.

      I ran version 1999, 2001 and 2004 and had very few complaints. Since loading 2008, drafting has been a major pain.

      Main issues:

      1. Select "vertical dimnsion" and SW still puts in whatever it wants to.
      2. Turn hidden line selection off, and SW still grabs hidden lines and sketches
      3. Dimensioning a weldment, doesn't recongnize many of the sillouette lines.

      Are things better in 2009. I'm really under the gun and need to know if I should take the time to update.

      Note: I switch between Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Inventor and SolidEdge depending on who my current client is. SW used to be a no-brainer to move back in to. With 2008, it's as bad as the others.
        • Has drafting improved in 2009
          Kelvin Lamport
          1) Are you selecting points or a non-vertical line? ... Either way, it works perfectly for me.

          2) Is the Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes option selected in Tools > Options > System Options > Display/Selection? ... Again it works as it should for me.

          3) Yada yada yada

          When you upgraded the video driver for SW2008, did it affect the other programs you mentioned?
          • Has drafting improved in 2009
            Craig Siebert
            Yes 2008 and all versions lack real AutoCad like drafting qualties.
            SW was never a drafting package, that was an afterthought.
            Just like ProE for example, great modeling, crappy drawing.
            Things I don't like about SW drafting:
            -cannot group blocks to dims.
            -cannot change properties with a stupid paint brush like AC.
            -no jogs in leaders of radii or diameter dims.
            -crappy costmetic or hidden thread displays in drawings.
            just to list a few.