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Error 1722

Discussion created by Drew Christensen on Sep 15, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2008 by Kimberly Cortes
I have been trying to re-install Solidworks 2008 student edition with cosmos for a week. I had 2004 solidworks, and had installed this. It was a funky install and I needed space in my C: drive, so I uninstalled it to move it over to my other harddrive F: I have since been re-installing it, and getting an Error 1722. I have gone in, and deleted all my registry items for solidworks, and the error persists.

It gets to 99.9% of the way complete with the install, and then it gives me an error when it is deleting backup files. As it does this, it gives (error 1722. there is a problem with this windows installer package....), and forces a rollback of the system installation. I am stumped and in a huge hurry as I have a project due for school in two days.

I run Vista Ultimate fyi.