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List Strain by Node

Question asked by James Meyer on Sep 14, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Li-Ling Huang
In the List Results tool, you can list the Stress, Displacement or Strain. When you list Strain, you have the option of listing results by Node or Element's center and can specify a range.

This works fine for elements - the range box defaults to 1 to 257310 (the number of elements in the model) and I can export the list. However, when I select Nodes, the range box remains defaulted to 1 to 257310 (the number of ELEMENTS) and it will not let me specify a larger number - even though my model has 390681 Nodes. So I am unable to export the strains for each node in the model.

This behavior is not the same when listing stress - it allows you to list all the stress by nodes or by elements.

I have seen this behavior from SW 05 Student, thru SW 2008 SP4. Is this a bug? or is there a reason for this behavior?