Custom Properties

Discussion created by Guest on Dec 23, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2010 by Paul Marsman
I have just created a DC template to check all parts & assemblies for a project and found that I am unable to set up a custom property check to determine if there is any thing other than the default name, a dash or a blank. Eg the part & assy templates have all of the custom props loaded, but they have a default entry in the field (eg DESCRIPTION) and I want to be able to determine that the fields have been updated to a new value.

I can set up a list to determine that one of a number of names is in the field, but I actually need the opposite of this (i.e. this field to contain anything but DESCRIPTION,-, blank).

Also, the DC does not check the 'Summary' tab (meta data), plus there is no mention of whether or not it only checks the 'Custom' tab or the Config tab or both. On this project we have to complete fields in all 3 tabs.

Also I have found the help on this add-in to be sadly lacking in many areas.