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Cavity feature

Question asked by Phil Marra on Sep 13, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2008 by John Kreutzberger
Has anyone else noticed that when you try to replace actually add a newer version of a part in an assembly then edit a cavity command and reselecting the new part SW-2008 locks up? In fact I have to roll back before the original cavity feature and add a ne cavity feature then delete the original. And you know what that means...................I have to go through the hole part and clean out the danglers and error cherries. I just ran a test on SW 2006 and although it works, there are some obvious danglers and errors created, but no where near the amount that are created in 08.

Before anyone says, "you are doing it all wrong, you need to just replace the oldw part with the new," I have reasons for inserting new revs of a part and still maintain the original part model in the tool. And most importantly it worked before and now it dosnt.