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2008 x64 and excel not playing well ..............

Question asked by Jay Lovelady on Sep 12, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by Howard Gledhill
Just curious to know if anyone else has had the issue I am having. My IT department just upgraded me to a 64bit Vista machine, so now I am running SW08x64. we use a lot of excel tables in our drawings but now, I can't.

When I open a drawing, I have the outline of where the excel is, but I can't actually see the table. I can open it (either in the drawing or with worksheet) and work on it, but it will never show. If I print it does not show up and doesn't show up in print preview. Sometimes, if I copy the existing table, and paste it right back in, it will work and I can print it. If I close the drawing though it will no longer show again.

That doesn't always work. sometimes, I can copy it, but then SW will crash as soon as I try to paste it back in. I am the only one on Vista and with the 64bit set up (its a guines pig thing) so I continuously have to have someone else print stuff.

I know I have 8GB of Ram, Quad core processors and all that stuff so they tell me it should be fine, but it isn't. I have the latest Service pack so I know that isn't it. I have come across a few drawings that things are just fine in though, but not very many.

If anyone else has had this problem and found a solution, please let the rest of us (or me if I'm the only one) know. Thanks!!

Jay Lovelady
Senior Drafter, Product Development
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