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    2008 x64 and excel not playing well ..............

    Jay Lovelady
      Just curious to know if anyone else has had the issue I am having. My IT department just upgraded me to a 64bit Vista machine, so now I am running SW08x64. we use a lot of excel tables in our drawings but now, I can't.

      When I open a drawing, I have the outline of where the excel is, but I can't actually see the table. I can open it (either in the drawing or with worksheet) and work on it, but it will never show. If I print it does not show up and doesn't show up in print preview. Sometimes, if I copy the existing table, and paste it right back in, it will work and I can print it. If I close the drawing though it will no longer show again.

      That doesn't always work. sometimes, I can copy it, but then SW will crash as soon as I try to paste it back in. I am the only one on Vista and with the 64bit set up (its a guines pig thing) so I continuously have to have someone else print stuff.

      I know I have 8GB of Ram, Quad core processors and all that stuff so they tell me it should be fine, but it isn't. I have the latest Service pack so I know that isn't it. I have come across a few drawings that things are just fine in though, but not very many.

      If anyone else has had this problem and found a solution, please let the rest of us (or me if I'm the only one) know. Thanks!!

      Jay Lovelady
      Senior Drafter, Product Development
      Homeshield Building Products