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    replacing file type in the vault

    Jeremy Feist
      Hi All,

      We will be implementing PDMWE in the nesxt 60 days and we are trying think through most of the issues before we have the softare people do the actual implementation.

      so here is my first question:

      we have a lot of legacy drawings (Autocad) that we will be including in our vault. we like to reuse our parts wherever we can. so it is inevitable that we will shortly make an Assembly (now in Solidworks) that will use a part that currently only exists in a DWG.

      so how would you check out the dwg and check in a sldprt and slddrw? and would it keep bom structures and version/revision history?

      Anyone doing anything similar?

        • replacing file type in the vault
          Jeff Sweeney
          I most commonly see people attach the DWG file to the SW assembly so they get a BOM. Then if later you make a SW model of the DWG file they attach the DWG file to the SW model, then change the quantity of the DWG file to REF or "0"
            • replacing file type in the vault
              supreet banaji
              hi jeremy,
              If you want to manage AutoCad files in PDMWorks you need to map drw template.. It is very easy to map.. Then you can see wat ever you had given a list in DWG file that will appear in BOM list of PDMWorks..
                • replacing file type in the vault
                  Jeremy Feist
                  we understand how we will get metadata from the blocks in the dwgs for the data cards. we also will be getting current BOMs migrated from our ERP.

                  here is an example of what we believe our issue will be:

                  we have:
                  assembly456 (dwg)
                  -part 876 (dwg)
                  -part 234 (dwg)
                  -part 145 (dwg)

                  and we go to make:
                  assembly987 (solidworks)
                  -part 745 (solidworks)
                  -part 539 (solidworks)
                  -part 145 (solidworks)

                  what happens to part 145? how do we keep revision/version history? how do we maintain existing BOM structure - so where used still works?

              • replacing file type in the vault
                Michael Dekoning

                I'm not sure if you can accomplish this. When a document is added it is given a unique id number. When you add the SolidWorks parts they will not replace the dwg files but will have their own id numbers. The metadata will be associated with the id of the dwg file. It may be possible to copy this metadata to the SolidWorks file using the api but I'm not sure. The 2008 api doesn't include functionality to work with the BOM structure. May be added later.