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Enhancements / questions 360 Pre2

Discussion created by Steve Schaufler on Sep 11, 2008
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1. When zoomed up on an area (say to apply a specific color/material to a face, side of a feature that's to hard to select zoomed out), is there a way to stop the processing of the entire scene > you really only want the area you are zoomed up on so you can determine if the material you are applying is what you want? Or the ability to just process a windowed area like PW. Even using the Esc key to stop everything while you apply your selection would be nice? However, it appears when you select the viewport (non geometry) the processing stops?

2. Material prop area - When selecting a face, body doesn't display the current applied material? So if I have satin low gloss plastic it would be nice if the dialog would display this in some manner. Also, when adjusting texture scale multiplier or bump strength it doesn't appear to do much? When adjusting the texture multiplier if you input say 50%, then 500% then -200% the scale continues to "grow" (looks like Jupiter). You can't obtain a nice tight (smaller) scale or larger scale on demand, it just seems to get lost?

3. How to change the orientation of a material e.g. a mapping dialog to adjust orientation similar to PW or SW appearances?

4. Views similar to SW - The ability to save view orientations, recall last view (not last render)?

5. Decals/pics not showing up - a sketch image applied in a SW sketch does not appear to be showing up?

6. Just for clarification, when you save a file in 360, it appears to be storing all of its "info" in the SW native file similar to Cosmos? So in an assy for example, you don't need any of the ref parts?