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Question asked by Maxim Frayer on Jul 28, 2016

I have a part which has been migrated (probably 2013-2014) to SW2015 sp5.  I have attempted to the insert part feature, but the the mate group via the Body-Move/Copy is consistently misbehaving, when I do anything post this feature.

Below is the parent ("dowel pin" designation) in its correct state, but the sketch pattern (post the insert part) is misbehaving:

As I edit the insert part feature, the parent  moves to its constrained location, but does not stick there for long.  Below, while editing, the next feature a sketch driven pattern, the parent violates its constraints:


In a previous experience, the sketch pattern,multibody, insert part scheme has worked for me as attempted here, so it is not a matter of incorrect workflow.  I am confident, that if I recreate the part from scratch, this problem will disappear, but this would be wasted effort...