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Cannot "Save as" Any BOM to excel file

Question asked by Michael DeGrace on Sep 11, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2008 by Luke Malpass
Ok I have a dilemma,

With our assembly drawings my company typically inserts excel based Bill of Materials. We then take those BOM's, change the property to an indented list, then "Save As" an excel file. We repeat this procedure for a "Parts only" excel parts list. Then externally we run an excel macro that formats both of those files. This is all done for procurement and data entry for our out dated ERP system.(I'm not even going to get into that rant). This process has worked since I've been here (almost 4 years) utilizing M$ Office 2003. Two days ago our entire department has been "upgraded" to Office 2007. Ever since this change I can no longer "Save As" ANY BOM to an excel file. I get an error that says "Can not save to an excel file". I tried it with a Solidworks BOM and that doens't work anymore either. Has anyone else run into this problem? The others in my department do not have this problem. I sent an SWRx to my VAR and they cannot reproduce the error. It does not seem to be drawing specific, any drawing I try I get the same error results.

Any thoughts, solutions, or info would be greatly appreciated.