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Macro/Task - Export Document Info/Where Used to Excel

Question asked by David Faszer on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

Hi All,

I am using SW 2016, SP3, Workgroup PDM.


At my work, our Workgroup server is getting pretty full. There are a lot of files with arbitrary names that were created at a quote level that were never fixed at production level and so a duplicate file were made with the correct name while still having the arbitrary name on the server. In an attempt to empty out our server, I am looking thru the files to see where/if the file is used and then deleting the file if it is not used. I am looking for a way to run a macro (probably thru the task scheduler?) to look at all of the files and export to excel the ones that are not used anywhere. The excel spreadsheet would need to contain the file name, description, current project/sub-project, file type, and where used (to confirm that it is not used anywhere). I could then use the spreadsheet to manually look at the files that were exported to confirm that the files are not used anywhere and delete it if it is no longer needed. The current way I am doing it, is to go part by part (within reason anyways), opening up the document info/ going to the where used tab and looking to see if the file is not used. The macro would be done at a part and assembly level.


A second macro that would be helpful, after some excel formulas to remove the files from the list that I do want to keep, run a macro to take ownership of the files to delete based on the excel list. This will make it more streamline to delete the erroneous files.


Is this something that is already available? Or could someone help me by writing it? It seems like it might be a fairly straightforward program (at least the first one), but I don't have any API experience.