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How to display a global variable value and other information into a custom property

Question asked by Benjamin Sromalski on Jul 28, 2016
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I have a global variable "A" in a plate template part (.prtdot) which is solving for the area of the plate (=round(Wdim" X Ldim"/(144"),1). I am trying to get this "A" value to display in a custom property with other text.  I want it to read ""A@TestPLT.SLDPRT" SQFT" or in this example "0.2 SQFT" in a property so that it


Looking at the custom properties DESC A, DESC B, DESC C, and DESC D you can see what is happening.  With DESC B, I can get the value to display when it is by itself.  In DESC C, when I add another property value into the expression, for some reason, the part file name starts to display starting with the end of the file name.  It looks like each character (including spaces) adds a character from the file name (TestPLT.SLDPRT).  When I directly put in the text (SQFT) in DESC D, same thing happens.


When I manually type in the value of 0.2 in the INSIG property and display it with other information in the DESC A property it reads out correctly.  It only has the issue when it is displaying the global variable value (with other text)


Any ideas?


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