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Odd Vista 64 bit issues - Anyone else seen this?

Question asked by John Huntington on Sep 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2009 by John Huntington
Odd Vista 64 bit issues - Anyone else seen this?
I have a couple of issues with SolidWorks 64 that I see repeatedly, and I was wondering if anyone else seen these problems? I been waiting for ever for a patch to fix this, I keep Vista Business edition up to date and my Video Drivers the most current. I will show screen shots of what exactly I am seeing

1. Drawing Icons Disappearing - This problem usually only occurs on new Assemblies, almost any assembly I create it is based off one already done. So I use the pack and go feature and rename the assembly parts that will modified and stick them in a new directory I made. Sub ASSY and Parts that lose their Icons, my main ASSY will freeze SolidWorks when it tries to load them, it acts like they are there but they are not there. The temp fix I found for this I can bring up the task manager and end explorer.exe then reload explorer and this will most times fix this, in extreme cases I need to reboot my computer to fix it. I would think this is a Vista only problem if it wasn't for the fact this ONLY happens with SolidWorks files. Notice the green loading bar up top where your directory location is? That happens too, even if I let it load to 100% it doesn't fix the problem unless I do it myself. See Vista1 and Vista2

2. Video Drivers stop responding - Sometimes when I am in SolidWorks my video driver "nvlddmkm" stops responding, the system quickly recovers but SolidWorks locks up and I have to End Task it and restart it. Again I would say this is a Vista only problem but this video driver ONLY crashes when I use SolidWorks, doesn't matter if I am a drawing, part or Assembly if it is large or if it is small. And it seems to be completely random other than I am using SolidWorks when it happens. Sometimes I can go a day or two without it happening if I am lucky sometimes it can happen 8 times in one day. If I have AutoCAD 2008 open up or any other program they do not lock up when the driver recovers, just SolidWorks. I did a search on the internet and got a wide variety of reasons why this happens, the most common was the power supply not big enough, well I looked at my Power Supply and it is 875 Watts I would hope that is sufficient to run it. I used a 4500 Quadro card on my old computer and it only had a 350 Watt Power supply with no problems. I first used the SolidWorks tested driver but now I am using driver, I see no difference in either they both crash. I have the same problem with 1 monitor or 2. See Vista 3

Dell Precision T5400 Mini-Tower
Quad Core Xeon Proc E5420, 2.50GHz, 2X6MB L2 Cache,1333MHz
8GB, DDR2 ECC SDRAM Memory 667MHz, 4X2GB
nVidia,Quadro FX 4600,768MB dual VGA or DVI
146GB 3Gbps SAS, 15K RPM Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista Business x64 Edition
28" 16:9 Flat screen monitor
19" 16:9 Flat screen monitor

Solidworks 2008 SP4.0