Bill Rose

'Override Visiblity Properties' is invisible sometimes.

Discussion created by Bill Rose on Sep 10, 2008
This property allows you to override a number of things normally controlled by the parent of a pattern in an assembly. The trouble is, if you look at the properties for a single file in the pattern, this setting does not show. Selecting more than of the pattern's files properties adds this setting to the dialog box. See images below.

I was having a strange problem with elements of a pattern always being hidden in spite of several attempts to make them show. Saving the assembly after setting these files to 'show' did nothing -- they would be hidden again the next time the assembly was loaded. It was only after I selected several of the hidden elements at once to turn off the 'Hide' setting that I saw the 'Override' setting was on. Why doesn't this setting show for all files in a pattern all the time? It shouldn't take a multiple selection of elements to be able to access this setting since it's equally likely it would be applied to just one of the elements.

Hopefully this is not by design........Bill