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    how to show sectional exploded view in drawing? I

    Lingesh Sangur

      Is there any way to add saved exploded view of an assembly into the drawing? In drawing view pallet it shows the named view but when added it doesnt show sectional view?


      Is there any other way to do this?

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          John Pagel

          It sounds like you just need to change the configuration of that view.  When you do an exploded view, it is saved as a configuration which can be turned off and on.


          Place whichever view you want onto the drawing.  Then, right click on the view and select Properties.  Then choose the check box for "Show in exploded state".  If you have more than one exploded view then you can also choose which one to use via the drop down menu.  Now your view should be exploded.  Next, create a section view just like you normally would with any other drawing.


          Just a word of caution, these are the instruction for SW2015.  Not sure how different it is in other versions (or which one you're using) but it shouldn't have changed too much.