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All I need is a fast where used. Is that too much to ask?

Question asked by Tony Afarian on Sep 9, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Joel Condevaux
Does anyone know of any kind of software that can run the "where used" to find file references, like you can do in SW Explorer, except A WHOLE LOT faster? I have seen a demo of PDM Enterprise and it does it very quickly because it has an indexed database of the metadata.

I don't need nor want PDME. It does too much, it costs too much, and it takes too much to teach everyone for my company. I just need the instantaneous where used functionality that is in PDME. Does anyone know if anything like that exists?

BTW, we are using SW2007 sp5 and based on what I am reading in these forums about SW2008, maybe we will stay with SW2007 for a while longer.