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Flow Simulation questions

Question asked by Firas Helou on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by Firas Helou

hello guys,
i am new to solidworks flow simulation but not new to fluid mechanics, i started learning the flow simulation using the SolidProfessor package about flow simulation
so i would like to ask some questions about the information window we see while running the calculation
1 - there is an line that says : "iterations per 1 travel : 193" what does this mean exactly ? is it that it needs 193 iterations to complete the simulation ?
2 - how to know the exact solving time it needs to finish ? because the time keeps jumping which i think is due to change in geometry surface

3 - i am simulating an F1 model of 1.4 meter in length and 0.5m in width which i placed it on a rectangle that represents the track, so i defined a domain around that is not much big and in contact with the road but not englobing the track rectangle, so my question is : Defining a less computational domain would result in less time to solve the calculations ?

4 - i did not understand the difference between "Global Goals" and "Surface Goals", can anyone please explain it ?

5 - i chose the surface goals because from a search on youtube and google i found that it has been chosen for cars simulations, so i chose the lift force or "force in y" and the drag force or "force in z" in solidworks so the results i will get are for the average force on all the car ? if i want to calculate the Drag coefficient using the formula of the drag force which i got in the simulation is that possible taking the highest force for example ?

6 - what does CPU value 8 means ? i keept it as the default value which was 8 and i chose accuracy of 1 the very low because if not it will take me ages to finish the calculation and now the main goal for me is to show that i understand the formulas i am using that is all


thank you everyone in advance