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    Creating multiple drawings from configurations

    Chad Herald
      We have part drawings with multiple configurations. We then create an individual drawing file for each configuration. Each drawing has a plan, elevation, isometric, and a section. Is it possible to "automatically" create the drawing for each configuration? Maybe using the first drawing as a template somehow? Thanks in advance.
        • Creating multiple drawings from configurations
          Steven Dinsdale
          You could try saving the drawing as a copy, then right click each model view in the copy and go to properties. From there you can change which configuration it is.

          • Creating multiple drawings from configurations
            Mark Kaiser
            A couple quick ways...

            1. Create first drawing (complete). Do a file, save as, and give the drawing file a new name. Open the new drawing file, right click on each drawing view, and change to the required configuration.

            2. Create first drawing (complete). Start a new drawing. With both the completed drawing open and the new blank drawing open, copy and paste views from the completed to new drawing. Change configuration of views in new drawing.

            3. Convince your company to go to drawings with tables on them that represent all of your configurations. One drawing, one table for all configurations. May not be possible for your application, thought I'd throw it out there.