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Thermal expansion modeling

Question asked by Tobin Munsat on Sep 9, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Chris Frye
I have a part I need heated to 800C and I have three different unconnected materials in it. I need to figure out how all the different components will expand and move in relation to eachother during the heating process.

When I click on the COSMOSXpress button in the tool bar it tells me that "Cosmosexpress can be used with assemblies only after preforming Physical Simulation." But when I try to run physical simulation it gives me 4 options none of which have anything to do with my part (Linear Motor, Rotary Motor, Spring, Gravity).

First, is what I'm trying to do even possible with the student version of COSMOS?

Second, if it is, what am I doing wrong with the Physical Simulation and how do I get through it?