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    Help with a ship hull

      I am currently doing the hull of a WWII warship for model kit maker. I have layed out about 50 different contours, but am having difficulty when it comes to areas that require more than one surface at the rear of the hull. I can't get the edges to trim properly, but I think that is because I can't get the surfaces to be tangent to each other. I have one large surface loft representing about 80% of the hull, but near the rear the propeller hub is making me miserable. I am having to add in a ton of different surfaces and none of them are tangent to each other. If someone could give me a few pointers as to what I should be doing instead of what I did, I would really appreciate it.
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          Matt Lombard
          In the first fill surface, I see you used a 3D sketch for the boundary, which is ok, but it doesn't allow you to make the surface tangent to the existing surfaces. You're better off using edges.

          For the surfaces in the back, I'd use fill and boundary. It looks like you need to look at some other surface models to see how people construct things. It's a very different approach than solid modeling.

          I don't want to seem too self serving here, but check out my blog, I've got some examples of surfacing stuff that might give you an idea about how to proceed.


          Click on the surfacing category from the drop down at the bottom of the left hand side.

          Looks like a great project. I wish I could get involved with some stuff like that.

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            Bill Taylor
            Hey Rob, do you have a picture of the aft section of the boat so that I can see what the original geometry looks like? Cool project by the way. I just finished a boat myself (just a 20 ft Mastercraft). I'd love to fiddle with your model over the weekend
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              Jerry Steiger

              I don't have time right now to look at your model. (I really don't have time to be reading the Forum!) If this is not just a one-time project, I strongly suggest that you buy Matt's Surfacing book. Reading it will not only make the job much easier, you may actually enjoy the reading,