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    Cut-Extrude not autonaming properly

    Brent Strahan
      I've just started using SW2008 (I know - what a useful subscription THIS has been... SW2009 is out soon right?) When I create a Cut-Extrude it just gets named Extrude#. It gets the right icon but the wrong word. Cut-Revolves get autonamed properly.

      Is there a setting I can change to fix this?
        • Cut-Extrude not autonaming properly
          Deepak Gupta

          I feel the default Cut-Extrude name has been changed to extrude in SW2008 which can be the reason for this. If you look closely under property manager tab while editing the feature, the heading says Extrude only where as in SW 2007 it was Cut-Extrude.
          • Cut-Extrude not autonaming properly
            Brent, that seems to be a change made it 2008. It has been discused on this thread.

              • Cut-Extrude not autonaming properly
                Mike Puckett
                I never had an issue with this change since I have name feature on creation enabled. That way my model doesnt end up with dozens of genericaly named 'extrude' features, and has a more easy to understand flow to it.
                  • Cut-Extrude not autonaming properly
                    Bill Rose
                    This has been broken from day one in 2008. If you edit a part from within an assembly to add a feature, the naming happens as it did in previous versions -- you get 'Cut-Extrude' for a cut and 'Extrude' for a boss. If you add the same feature outside of an assembly (open the part and edit), you'll get 'Extrude' for both types.

                    They need to put it back the way it was at the very least. I'd like to define the default prefix for the features myself since I change 'Cut-Extrude' to the shorter 'C-Ext' and add a descriptive name to that. 'Extrude' becomes 'Ext' with an added description. If I leave the full length default names and add a description, I have to make my Feature Manager very wide to read the names. Sweeps and Patterns are even worse space hogs.

                    The icons are too small to see effectively but doing this means I can glance at the list and see which is which.......Bill