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SW 2008, SP 4.0 Gradually slows down...

Question asked by 1-F57OWB on Sep 8, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2008 by 1-BU178J
Hi everyone,

I have an interesting problem. When I first start SW2008, it runs just fine. Everything is sufficiently responsive. However, after some period of time of working with a couple drawings and assemblies (the time it takes for this to happen varies), certain things become unbearably slow. In particular, the menu items at the top left (File, Edit, View, Insert, etc.) do not respond when I hover the mouse cursor over them. It takes upwards of 10 seconds for SW to respond to the mouse moving over the drop down menu. Also, the standard Explorer window interface to browse, open or save files is incredibly slow. As you can imagine, trying to operate in an environment like that is, in a word, frustrating. After I close every drawing and assembly, the SW drop down menus work at a normal speed, but the Explorer windows I open to browse to files from within SW are still very slow. Upon opening another drawing, the slow file menus return.

I am not working with terribly complex assemblies or drawings. My computer is running XP Professional SP3, with 4 GB of RAM, a 2.4 GHz quad core, and a Quadro FX 570. There are better machines out there, to be sure, but I'm not using an ancient machine...

I have the latest Nvidia drivers for the FX570. I've tried disabling the McAfee anti-virus (yes, I know, it's a crap program and a virus in and of itself, but I'm not in charge of IT here and that has no effect on performance. The other applications I typically run at the same time are Opera for web access, a terminal window to a Prelude database system, Outlook, Adobe, Google desktop, and several Explorer windows to access files.

Any suggestions or advice are most welcome. Thanks in advance...