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    Iges part

    Devi Prasad Samal

      I have a IGES part but when i imported it in to solid works some filleting edges are missed and it pen as surface body.

      i have fill the surfaces but it comes like a un required shape. i just want a shape like filleting edges.

      so any one's help will be greatly appreciated.

      i am attaching the iges part file and created part by me.

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          Roland Schwarz
          Change the IGES import options under your File-->Open menu. Change the surface import options to "Do not knit" and turn off the check and repair.

          The resulting import will be a group of surface bodies. Use import diagnostics to knit together.
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              Devi Prasad Samal
              I have tried every option under file menu. still the filleting edges are missing from the body.

              so may be i have to do it manually.

              but i found only option is fil surafce, boundary surface or loft surface.

              but i required a surface like fillet in the edge of 45 degree. so can i do this by any other method.
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                  Devi Prasad Samal

                  I have used the technique of loft surface with guide curves but it is too time taking.

                  just attaching the part.

                  Is there any other method please let me know.

                  i have also used trim untrim surface options but couldn't work.

                  also try creating solidbodies from the open surface by extruding it. then want to use combine option still not work?

                  so please ...refer me the answer.
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                      Alan Stoldt


                      Above is a screen shot of your part when I open the IGES file. The End Faces are 60.0mm apart.

                      Attached is a file which has been cleaned up and made into a Solid Body, but isn't the complete part.

                      I have used the Move Face command to bring the inside edges of the chamfer outward so the part is 60.0mm across.

                      All you should need to do now is create your chamfer and you should be all set. I assume the chamfer is 1.0mm x 45 degrees.

                      Please note that this is not an easy operation to finish. You will need to create the chamfer according to the specifications you may have for the part.

                      I spent some time doing the surfaces required to get the base part as a Solid Body, and have not posted the in-between steps due to space. If you'd like those files to look at as well, please feel free to email me and I can send them to you.

                      Hope this helps...

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                        Roland Schwarz
                        I worked with your file a bit. Tried every trick I know. The fillet faces are too corrupt to recover.

                        The next step would be to salvage what one can and recreate the rest (only two fillets and adjusting face positions). Alan Stoldt's process will provide a good model.
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                    take a look at the attached. There is something very wierd about this part in that the fillets are not true fillets. I've trimmed the edge back and then extruded to basically overcome the edge problems.