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Vault Transfer Issues

Discussion created by Craig Morroni on Sep 6, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2008 by Troy Peterson
We are having a devil of a time with getting our Solidworks (SW) "vault" off our Domain Server so we can clean it down in order to rebuild it.

Our vault is approximately 45 gigs and we are trying to move it off of our Windows 2003 Domain Controller to a high powered XP SP3 box using the same Network that we have used for at least 5-10 years. The two machines are connected on the same subnet and all of the three components are rated at 1000 mb (i.e. the Server Network Card, the XP Network Card and the gig switch connected directly to the two machines in an adjacent room).

What we are finding is that certain SW parts that can be opened on the Vault located on the Windows 2003 Server open as they always have for the past 4 years. However after getting the vault moved to the XP box, we find that some parts open fine, other SW indicates a "file error".

At first we thought the problem was with SW because we stumbled upon one assembly that consistently gave us trouble when we went to open it within SW. We finally got SW to assist us through a web ex session. After a bunch of research, they determined with a file comparison utility that even though the two vault files were the same physical size, using a byte comparison program they provided showed the two files were not the same. Windows did not provide any error messages that there was a problem with the copy of the vault.

A general search (not specific to SW) on the internet seems to indicate people do have issues some times when moving large files across a network. We also found instances where people have had the similar issues in general when trying to eliminate the network by using say a USB drive as the transport mechanism.

Unfortunately this is all "news" to us.

In trying to come up with a solution that not only works but also provides "confidence" that the vault is pure, do you think any of these approaches are valid in our attempt to move a 45 gig file from one machine to the other:

* Use FTP in command line mode instead of the standard Windows Copy Command across the network.
* Use FTP in windows mode instead of the standard Windows Copy Command across the network.
* Use Windows Backup to save the file across the network to the new machine and then restore using Windows backup on the new machine.
* Use Acronis Disk Imaging software to save an image across the network using Acronis Server and then restore the image using Acronis Workstation.
* Use a Tape backup product on the Server and then restore on the XP Box.

What we don't know is if the Windows backup and/or the Tape backup interfaces are using the same techniques as a Windows "copy" or not.

If none of these approaches are sound, are there any approaches that "work".