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How do I copy a face from one part to use as the foundation for a new part?

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jul 27, 2016
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Hi folks,

I have an existing part (engine cylinder block) from which I would like to copy selected features on the same plane to use as the starting sketch for a new part (head gasket). The face is completely flat but obviously has several different forms of extruded cuts taken from it which is why I'm hoping there is a basic process for taking the outline of all it's selected features and pasting them into a new sketch, rather than drafting them all again.

Cylinder Face.jpg

Here are the two selected faces, both on the same plane. I basically just need a complete detailed sketch of all contours for both selections and to be able to somehow 'paste' or 'insert' it as the starting point for the new part design of the gasket.


How would I do this in newbie language?