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    COSMOS Dead?

    Les Funk
      Anybody know anything about the future of COSMOS? The new Solidworks website seems to have replaced it (Although you can still be certified in it!!!).

      I have been advised by my reseller not to install Solidworks 2009 until SP2 or SP3 comes out (then why release it?). Just wondering if anyone can give me the heads up.


      Les Funk
        • COSMOS Dead?
          Cosmos has been renamed SolidWorks Simulation starting with SW2009. There was a chart on the SW website cross referencing the old Cosmos packages to the new SolidWorks packages. I can't lay my eyes on it right now.

          That later part of your question is a very hot topic on the forum. SP0 has a reputation of still being pretty buggy and unstable so many companies wait until several SP are out before upgrading.