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    Arc offset half section view?

    Jiming Fu

      Hello, everyone! Does anyone have experience of arc offsetting a half section view? I've tried aligned section view, but the view direction is not correct. All I want is a topside left view but offset the nozzle so that it can be viewed as vertically. Any input is appreciated. 

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          John Stoltzfus

          You can create a section line as you have drawn....  Also in the drawing you can rotate the view, which should get you what you want....

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            Sarah Dwight

            Are either of these views acceptable?

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                Jiming Fu



                Thank you. But the custom section line I created will give me the same result of aligned section view, which views from the top or bottom. I want either left or right view with only the top part cut, plus the nozzle offset vertically.




                Thank you. But section view E-E and F-F are not what I am looking for. It should look similar to G-G. Arc offset half section view.jpg

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                    Matthew Lorono

                    I believe I understand your intent.  It should be made clear this is a non-standard method of implementation for a half section view.  However, there may be a way to do it in SOLIDWORKS without the use of a configuration or zonal section in the model.


                    Let me try it out before I post it here.  I'll post later.

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                      Matthew Lorono

                      Assuming I understand your intent, I believe this will address your needs.  If I missed your intent, there are variations of this procedure that should work.  SOLIDWORKS is very good at covering standard section view methods almost automatically, and still flexible enough to cover most non-standard section view methods with some manual tasks.

                      7-26-2016 2-54-00 PM-3.jpg

                      7-26-2016 3-09-14 PM-2.jpg

                      7-26-2016 3-13-49 PM.jpg

                      7-26-2016 3-15-39 PM.jpg

                      7-26-2016 3-16-38 PM.jpg

                      7-26-2016 3-18-14 PM.jpg

                      This is really a cross between an aligned section and a half section.  You are mixing elements of foreshortening with alignment.  The extra small line is needed by both SOLIDWORKS and any reader of this drawing to interpret your unique type of half section view.


                      Now, if you wish to have a fully foreshortened view with no alignment, the steps are very similar with one extra option necessary at the time of view creation.  I'll get into that if you need.  Otherwise, I hope this helps.

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                          Jiming Fu



                          Thank you very much. This method works like a charm. Instead of making a short vertical line, I need to create a vertical line equals or longer than the whole part to get a complete left view. With a few more steps (deleting or hiding some lines), I can get what I want. 

                          Arc offset half section view 1.jpg

                          I am very interested to see what's a fully foreshortened view with no alignment if you don't mind to share. Once again, thank you for your help!