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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Question asked by Kelef Man on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Vladimir Urazhdin

spam, spam, spam


although it's way to early for my xmas rant

I would hope that this post could become

the vomit-comet hailed forth by those naughty oh so naughty spammers

(in a giggling coy coquettish innocent way)

this is not going to be me hacked off about it all

but hopefully a little corner for respite, patting our egos,

thumb upsies, badging one and other and yes "likesies"

and there def won't be a "Correct", "Answered" death-knell-

(but surely a "most likey")

cos after it gets posted I'll probably forget

instigating the whole sheabang-


plus I'm really trying to do this one sober-

side note:- even extra extra strong Irish Coffee

tastes fantastique- hic


the obvious seems not to be addressed

invading Romans, Vikings and marauding Visigoths and others

have all frightened, changed and integrated

into the modern world- whoopsie wrong forum


this is not an/the answer- but an observational opinion

(I know in the PC world of today it's vile

to have one but I was born with the afflication)

we're all mature adults- okay,

admittedly I've got the mental maturity

of a developmentally arrested pre-pubescent adolescent gibbon-

but who didn't feel for Keir Dullea (the astronaut in 2001:A Space Odyssey),

although I recognize more and more of HAL(9000)'s traits every day,


and that we are not knee deep in "dolly" sheep clones-

we have science/technology to thank or blame

and it's a given that there is no epic panacea- 

but- in the days before the world (and all customers)

were assailed with cheaper and cheaper

(yeah, more affordable lower quality, usually)

    [skip to "last aside aside:-" for descriptive rant, sort of]

thus to become the beta-testers for software -

(updates every week- tells me last week it wasn't right, right)

and cars (some self-driving cars I suspect), I'm nearly always late-   

coffee machines, tumble dryers, and other nefarious manufacturers

users/customers/consumers voted with their feet(wallets and contributions)


i.e. don't be a part of that consumer group-

(Mosaic)Netscape and Alta Vista come to mind

side note:- why these two are not incongruous- google it

silently let the dam thing die-

boycott - maybe, protest - vociferously

complain- loudly definitely but deny the product of my/our complicity

although to do this for such as this forum may or may not be

a valid solution, to deny attendees, contributors, gurus and custodians

all hail to the gurus- all hail

the modern day spam has been a part of most peoples lives

more and more since the second world war, just as much as klim

not to mention since 1968 and Monty Python's Flying Circus

(geez sorry guys, but you must have seen that one a mile off

[even a norwegen mile])


yes, it's a given that I may have offended, upset

or fired people up, and that this will be a

sadly misunderstood post with hidden evil

messages if played backwards @33.3333333 r.p.m.,

and that conspiracy theorists will start tracking

me is the price of loving Irish Coffee sooo much

but at this stage I really don't

give a furry penguins chuff   


pheew these Irish Coffees have wrecked me,

and turned me into a hot mess- great        


a final thoughtish

love manys, trust fewers-

do nos harm to none-

peace out all


to the ever loving spammers

this is what real spam (spam, spam, spam )looks like

not just DoS(or DDoS)- it's the auld bait'n switch

(they think they're getting a pay-off

but theys got nutin)


last aside aside:-

drop a phillips 2000, or a Sony Betamax video player/recorder

from about waist height and in 10 to 15 mins

you'll get calls from Iceland, Italy and Kamtsjatka

asking if you can confirm the Mw 8.0 earthquake epicentre

there after just keep watching your Mr.Bean tapes

on still perfectly functioning museum ripe tech


conversely- an accidentally dropped iph6 on your bed

at the end of a hard days pokemoaning, that catches

the corner of your kindle or remote - phtwang    

shattered or cracked screen, probably both with my luck

and the only enquiries are from your cohabitors

asking "who the heck brought a wailing banshee home?"



I have one more thing- but its not finished yet-

but I am - kelef