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Issues with 4K scaling in PDM Workgroup 2016

Question asked by Adam D'Urso on Jul 26, 2016

Hi All,


Posted in the Data management sub also, but I realised this might be a more appropriate area of the forum.


Is anyone else having problems with using a 4K screen and Workgroup PDM?  I'm having the following problem, and it's very annoying:




hopefully that image will show up; if not it's here:


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Apologies for the rather harsh cropping, but I'm obviously keen to hide any product names!  Hopefully you can see that the text and icon sizes are not consistent with the rest of Solidworks.  This wouldn't be an issue per se but it can hide the names of certain parts and assemblies which is very annoying.


My 'Value Added Retailer' has helpfully told me that this is not a bug.  Presumably it's a feature then, although I fail to see the value.


Running my laptop in 1080p does the trick but I'd like an actual fix.


Everything is up to date as far as I can see (2016 SP 3.0 for Solidworks and Workgroup)


Any sympathy/commiseration, fixes or workarounds much appreciated!