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Struggling With Scaling up size of a wheel

Question asked by Sid Lawrence on Jul 26, 2016
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Hello im new, I hope you guys can help!!

I have produced a wheel design for a scooter as shown below. (145mm outer diameter wheel size)

Wheel colour test.png

I need to now produce this wheel in a range of sizes including 180mm, 205mm and 230mm.


I tried using the scaling function however is increases the entire part size so some dimensions are incorrect such as the interior diameter(22mm) to fit the bearing.


I then found out about parametric design and applied global variables and equations to the part, however when increasing the size is does not look the same as the original. I have been playing around with the equations but can not seem to get it right.


Is there another method or better method of scaling up the wheel design to any desired size.


Many Thanks