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    Difference between SolidWorks MBD and ANARK


      I would like to know more on the SolidWorks MBD and its integration with PLM or ERP systems.


      Also if any of you have worked on ANARK,

      Please share the difference between SolidWorks MBD and ANARK.


      With regards,

      Charan Nagaraju

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          Casey Gorman

          SOLIDWORKS MBD has no issue with SOLIDWORKS PDM. If you can currently upload a SOLIDWORKS file to you PLM MBD will not change this.


          SOLIDWORKS MBD is a view capture and PDF publishing add-in. DimXpert allows you to add the PMI dimensions.


          ANARK vs MBD; The capturing of views you wish to publish is much easier in SOLIDWORKS MBD. MBD also makes it easier to edit the PDF template to your liking. MBD is dedicted SOLIDWORKS add-in. ANARK is made for may different programs. A lot of their program changes are to support those other/larger programs. We gave up ANARK and switch to MBD in 2015.


          I hope this helps.