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Virtual Sharps in drawings don't stay constrained?!?

Question asked by Martin Behling on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Sarah Dwight

I've noticed this before, but in some instances, virtual sharps do not stay in place.  This seems to be an issue when you create a sharp at an intersection between two lines where one or more of the entities is a spline.  Regardless of the "intersection" constraint, the point can be dragged anywhere on the screen.  Even if one of the entities is a straight line, the sharp will not stay attached to it.  The software lets you create the virtual sharp (by clicking both edges and selecting the "point" button).  If attaching to a spline is not allowed, shouldn't SW not allow you to create it??


I'm currently working in SW2014.  I tried it quickly in SW 2016, and there seems to be the same issue.

Anyone else seeing this?  Is there a solution other than "fixing" the point in space?  Or is this another "bug" in the software?