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Hidden lines in assembly section views

Question asked by Phil Marra on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2008 by Phil Marra
I have section views of mold assemblies that I have elected to show some hidden features. I select the feature in the FM and right click and choose "show/hide" choose "show hidden edges". This allows me to show certian features in a hidden state rather than showing all the hidden edges of a part.
The problem is when I reopen the drawing at a later time those edges do not show up. I have tried resolving all the lightweight parts still nothing. I am able to make them reappear by reselecting any one of the features again. Not only do the hidden edges of that prt show again, all other parts that had edges selected for showing go back to the way they were saved.....shown.

Has anyone else found a better work around? Deleting the view and undeleting ddosnt work either.