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Nvidia Quadro FX3500

Question asked by Andrew Chase on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Andrew Chase
We have a Vista Business 32 Bit workstation with an Nvidia Quadro FX 3500 graphics card. We have the most recent certified garphics card driver from solidworks website.
Running Solidworks 2008 SP 4.0
The computer is a Pentium Quad Core running 4gb of Ram.
We have recently been rendering machinery in photoworks and have not been getting satisfactory results so we did a pack and go on an architectural gate model to our re-sellers Solidsolutions to see what they could do with it.
They sent back the files and a jpeg of what tthey had done. As all the settings were already set so all we needed to do was render the model using the camera angle supplied and hey presto it would look the same although it didn't. There was a slight amount of pixilation and the overall quality was much worse even with Anti-aliasing at very high.
We do get another problem with this card when trying to spin the models it sticks and only a section of the model still spins in the view window. Then after a few seconds it catches up.
Has anyone else experienced problems with this card or know of any solutions to our problem?
I'm baffling myself with a lot of info about OpenGl at the moment and not getting very far.
The other wierd thing is I have the home copy of 2008 on my laptop which is only a dual core AMD with an ATI X1250 and it renders and produces far better results in Photoworks than the work machine.

Find attached the two examples of the gate.