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Online SolidWorks Training

Question asked by 1-FTNDGU on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Mohamed Abutaleb
Greetings everyone,

Has anyone ever used or heard of the online SolidWorks tutorials offered by ?

I'm an old AutoCad user who was thrown into SolidWorks to develop medical instruments. I've been training on my own using the provided SolidWorks tutorials and others I have found on the internet. I've struggled through a lot of the software through trail and error and just plain sticking to it till I get it right. I've analyzed others models and assemblies and learn how they were created and use the info for my own. I feel like I am doing well in the learning process but I think that more online training would be of great benefit.

I appreciate any and all opinions on this subject.