Jody Stiles

List of Toolbox Components and Tutorial

Discussion created by Jody Stiles on Sep 4, 2008
Is there a listing of what is/was included in the various toolboxes for various annual versions (2006, 2007, 2008) of SolidWorks.

Is there a site or link that someone has that has a good tutorial on how the toolbox works? For example...when I go to <...\Toolbox\Browser\pem metric\Nuts and Fasteners\Type and Material> the folder is empty yet when I browse to it in SW it's full of parts. This appears to be the only PEM Metric folder behaving this way. Likewise my ANSI folders have all the Bolts and Screws lumped into on folder but yet in SW they are separated out into sub-folders based on type. I'm fairly confused on how it all works.