Restoring broken link to analysis results

Discussion created by 1-34CXKG on Sep 3, 2008
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I left an analysis running last night which took 8 hours. The results files (.cwr, .pc1, .pc0, .p45, .p39, .log) are all saved, with the .cwr and .log being at 2:39 AM and the others at 1:45 AM. The contents of the .log file are:

No. of nodes = 225726
No. of elements = 118865
No. of DOF = 673470
Total solution time = 08:07:57

It appears that my analysis completed. When I got in this morning, my computer had logged off. I think our network guys may have set it up to log everybody off sometime in the middle of the night for security reasons. Anyway, I guess SW was probably not closed properly. When I open SW and click on the CW tab, it appears as thought the analysis had never run. I have had this problem before. Is there any way to get access to results that are there but are not recognized by CW?