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    Restoring broken link to analysis results


      I left an analysis running last night which took 8 hours. The results files (.cwr, .pc1, .pc0, .p45, .p39, .log) are all saved, with the .cwr and .log being at 2:39 AM and the others at 1:45 AM. The contents of the .log file are:

      No. of nodes = 225726
      No. of elements = 118865
      No. of DOF = 673470
      Total solution time = 08:07:57

      It appears that my analysis completed. When I got in this morning, my computer had logged off. I think our network guys may have set it up to log everybody off sometime in the middle of the night for security reasons. Anyway, I guess SW was probably not closed properly. When I open SW and click on the CW tab, it appears as thought the analysis had never run. I have had this problem before. Is there any way to get access to results that are there but are not recognized by CW?


        • Restoring broken link to analysis results
          Eric Ryan

          I have had similar problems with a Floworks analysis. One recommendation I received was to try making a new project with the same part or assembly you are analyzing. Then, close out of SW and copy the contents of your missing project into the foler for the new one. Reopen SW and see if the new project can access the results.

          I have done this in Floworks with mixed results. I was able to get the setup for the study back, but had to re-run the analysis to get the results. Hopefully you will have better luck.

            • Restoring broken link to analysis results
              Not sure this is same issue but I have tried this with success (similar to Eric's suggestion):

              Copy Cosmos files to another folder
              Right click on study -> Properties -> Option -> change Results folder to new location.

              If the results folder lights up, you should be able to create plots

              Good Luck,