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    Split part

    Bobby Taylor
      Can I make an exploded view of a split part?
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          Deepak Gupta
          There can be two work around for this.

          1 Create another config in the part file and then using Body Move/Copy option move one of the body.

          2 Create two config of part. In one config delete one body and in another delete another body. Now make an assy using both the configs and use exploded view option.
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              Albert Whatmough
              When you say a split part to you mean a part the you used the "SPIT" feature on? If so and you have saved all the bodies as part files thenyou can right click the split feautre on the feature tree to click "CREATE ASSEMBLY" The create assembly optioons puts the peices back together as a assembly instead of a part. Once you have your assembly you can of course do anything that you can do with any assembly.

              If the part is just multiple SolidBodies then you could still use the split feature. Because the bodies are allready seprate you will not need at split surfaces simple select insert- feature - split. Save all the bodies to their own part file and then create an assembly for the split feature.

              I hope this helps,