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PDMWorks Enterprise common assemblies for each project

Question asked by Svetlana Antiperovitch on Sep 2, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Svetlana Antiperovitch
We don't use Enterprise. It is in close future. Our company bought and installed it and did not move on yet.

We still on our ancient method - have all the files and library on local hard drives.

I have common files under each contract directory. Each contract has few folders. Common files stored right under those folders. No folder for them.

Let say instrument sub assembly was used on 4 general arrangements. Four times.
I have it under contract directory. It used in each folder under this contract.

How do you store common files?

Do I have to put instrument sub assembly into each sub folder with unique name?

Pressure gauge assembly is same for pump assembly and for storage tank assembly. Used many times. Same material. Same arrangement. Same valves. I liked to keep it as common file. If valve changed it is so fast to use one file for all. Rather than going into each folder and change it 4 times.