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    "Exception thrown" when requesting a MS word result report

    F. g
      I have been looking through the topics for a while, but I could not find an exhaustive answer.
      So, here's my problem: when I request Cosmosworks to generate a .doc report, I immediately get an "Exception Thrown" popup, and nothing happens.
      No file is written on the specified directory, word does not start, generally speaking there's no sign of activity following this command.
      HTML reports work properly.

      I am running MS Word 2003 on XP o.s.

      Any tip related to this issue?


        • "Exception thrown
          F. g
          I have registered "something about the problem" with SolidWorksRx.
          I'd eventually mail it to the right person.... who is the right person?

          Thank you
            • "Exception thrown
              F. g
              I think that SW is not launching properly MS WORD.
              Infact nothing seems to happen, but when I reboot my pc, during the logout procedure, windows asks me to save some empty word documents that were not visible before the logout.

              I think that SW cannot run correctly the beginning of Word processes.

              Any tip?