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PDMworks Workgroup (archived) revision?

Question asked by Michael DeGrace on Sep 2, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by Rodney Hall
I was hoping someone could shed some light on an issue my company has been seeing lately.

When trying to Open/Checkout a document from our vault we have been noticing that the once the open dialog box is up, that the "Open/Checkout" button is greyed out and not selectable. If I "uncheck" the assembly then "re-check" under options the "open/Checkout" button then becomes selectable. Also the children of the assembly are no longer shown. Why is this occuring? (See Attachment)

My other discovery has been that the "Revision" column now shows the revision letter/number and (archived). What does this mean? I do not believe that anyone of our admins went through any archiving procedures. Although I was told that our IT dept was doing some MS updates on the server, and adding some additional virtual servers.

We noticed this happening last week. We then realized that one of our users had a newer version of the PDMworks workgroup client then what the PDMserver was. So we went through and upgraded the service pack on the PDMserver then also upgraded all the clients to the same. Once the service was restarted and the vault was rebuilt, the issue seemed to have disappeared. Now Tuesday morning, first day back from the weekend and the same issues are back. Could not having the vault "validated" on rebuild possibly cause these kinds of issues?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.