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    Batch Plot... ?

    Christina Seay
      I am trying to figure out a way to batch plot all drawings in an assembly. We are using SolidWorks 2008 as well as PDM Enterprise. Since PDM keeps track of all drawings and parts and assemblies in each top level assembly, it seems like there would be a way to spool this data into a print program.

      Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on how I might can do this? I can't use the task scheduler because our assemblies are large and the files are in multiple locations in multiple files.. so it would just be waaaay too time consuming.

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          Deepak Gupta
          Try BatchProcessXpress by Luke Malpass


          You need to register to get the program.
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              Bruce Fisher
              There's another excellent program called Pac4swx that also can do batch translations and macros among other things. It's not free, but IMO well worth the $40 or $50 it sells for. There's a reasonable free trial period as well. Type the name into google to find it.
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              Christina Seay
              Thank-You both for your replies.

              Is anyone using either of these with PDM Enterprise and SolidWorks 2008 that can offer any opinions of how well they work?

              I know that with PDM, we can save the file tree from the top-level drawing down, and that list could be imported into a plot program, but there were a few problems with that list that I've came across so far. The first being that it's not just drawings, it has the assemblies and parts listed in it as well. The second being that it only lists the active drawing sheet for each drawing and not all the sheets. Has anyone found a good way to export a list of drawings only from an assembly tree in PDM or how to make that list include all the sheets in the drawings?
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                  Matthew Lorono
                  I found none of the batch printing methods are very good, even the profession ones. If drawings have certain default settings, they will be jacked when sent to the print (zoomed in to the center of the drawing, or other issues) that the batch printing software just doesn't bother to handle. The only way to fix this is to pre-open each of the drawings and correct the settings for the type of printing you are doing. This, of course, defeats the purpose.
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                      Thomas Maurey
                      You have been using CustomTools for batch printing and batch conversion. We tried other tools before this one but never got satisfied. But with this add in so far so good.

                      You are able to associate drawing template to printers so that files are always printed to right size and to the right printer.

                      They offer a 30 days evaluation version with free support
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                    Thomas, do you work for the company that sells CustomTools? Every time I see your name, you seem to be trying to sell the product.
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                      Tom Nicholson
                      yea, that's why a community forum should have members of the community moderate it.. Hopefully one of the SW guys will read this forum and either talk to Thomas and tell him to stop, or ban him.. I looked through all of his posts and their all ad's for his product.. At least Luke over at angelsix spends time around here and goes out of his way to help people, so I have no problem spamming his products
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                        Henrik Kelm

                        We have found no good batch program either, but now we are just making a "Pack and Go" ( or use the Copy Tree function in EPDM if you have that, its much faster) to a folder on a local drive. Then using the Task Schedueler. It's not fast, but it works.