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Moving Lights Parametrically

Question asked by Michael Hess on Sep 2, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2008 by Michael Hess
I don't know if this is a "PhotoWorks" or a "General" question. Can you set up lights in SolidWorks to not be at a fixed position but to move automatically?

I am using PhotoWorks in SW2007 for a shadow study of a moving assembly. I need to determine where the limits of the "single point light" shadow fall on the floor as the assembly moves. I cannot figure out how I can have the light move with the assembly. Consider a swing arm lamp with a bulb in the head. As the lamp moves about, the shadow changes.

My work around is to create a 3d point in the assembly for the position of the light, set an angle mate, drive the mate (which moves the point), get XYZ dimensions of point, enter dimensions to light position, then render. Drive the mate again, remeasure XYZ point, reenter dimensions, then render. Repeat through all your angles. (Determining the position of the eventual shadow is another workaround ...)

Unlike the lamp, my light goes through just a circular arc. It would be nice to have an overall parameter (say "angle" defined in an equation). You change "angle" and that moves the assembly and also determines the position of the light.

Is there any way to enter anything except a dimension into the "Light Position?" Can this be handled with a macro or some other technique to make this somewhat easier? I have to go through several defined angles and a few positions for the light source, and doing all these steps prior to the render is cumbersome and error prone.

Thank You for any Pointers,

Michael Hess, CSWP
SW2007 sp5.0
SW2008 sp3.1