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    General tabels - frustratingly slow

    James Canney
      I may be missing somthing but I am creating drawings with large tables in them.

      These are custom and I am adding the info by hand, when I want to edit the table to add this info I have to double click the cell in the table, this makes the cell white, I then have to click this again to edit the cell.

      This has to be done for each cell in the table, is there a quicker way of doing this as it takes forever? Some of the functionality of excel might be uesfull here, use of the return key, and arrow keys.
        • General tabels - frustratingly slow
          John Lhuillier
          The general tables in 2007 & 2008 are extremely slow to use for anything. It is much easier to create your general tables in excel and import them into the drawing. The other thing that slows it down depending on what SP you have. If you have a 3d mouse using the 3dConnexion drivers, there is a bug that makes you double pick then pick again. I cant remember which SP in 2008 it was fixed in (3.0 or 3.1 I think)but it is working as expected in 2008 SP4. You only need to double pick to make it editable. They still need to add more excel like functions for moving between cells so I usually use an imported excel feature because of this lack of functionality