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    Remove Contact Stresses/Strains from a Plot

      I ran an analysis with frictionless contact to simulate a load that changes direction. I don't need the contact stresses and strains. Is there a way to remove theses? Is there a work around?

      The main issue is the max stress/max strain occurs at the contact points. I don't care about the stresses at the contact points. The part will yield a little at the contact points but this is not important. What is important is the stresses caused away from the contact points. I need to know the max at of all locations except the contact area!
        • Remove Contact Stresses/Strains from a Plot
          Alastair Aubusson
          I would do this by using the "List selected" option in the plot menu.

          Right-click on the plot in the feature tree and select "List selected". Pick the part you wish to interrogate then click the "update" button and this will list the stress at every node on the part!

          By clicking the "value" column header in the table, you can reorder the values into numerical order with the highest at the top, and when you highlight the first row in the table, the location of the point will be shown on the model.

          You can then down-arrow through the list until you reach the first point that looks like it is in an area you are interested in.

          Alternatively, as a quicker but less accurate way, if you try using the iso-clipping function (also available by right-clicking the plot in the feature tree) you can move the slider bar to show areas of stress above a given limit and watch for where the first stress appears at a point of interest.

          • Remove Contact Stresses/Strains from a Plot
            Vince Adams
            Hi Jason, in CW Pro (also Adv Pro) v2008, a feature called Trend Tracker was added. You can use this feature, even on a single study, to isolate specific areas of interest. Create a Tracked Data "graph" for "Max over Selected Entities" selecting only the features/faces that you are concerned about and then "Set Baseline". The single point on each graph will be the max value across those entities.

            This feature has been expanded to Sensors in v2009. Check it out!!!

            -- Vince